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Comments for 'A Second Last Chance: Book 1, Chapter 3 - Beachhead at Basis'

12:20 am | July 2, 2002
potato head, you dissapoint. Maybe If you actually had enough intellect to contribute to this site,...
Archangels Blade
11:38 am | June 22, 2002
Don't worry about Potato Flood, Knightmare Wolf. He's an idiot. Don't waste the effort typing a post to him, he rarely reads it. He's one of the biggest assholes this site has to offer.
Spartan III
7:10 am | June 22, 2002
This is one heck of a story. I especially loved it when MC got really mad for not killing 343 Guilty Spark. Keep um comin, and potato flood, SHUT UP!
Knightmare Wolf
2:47 am | June 20, 2002
Shut the F*uck up you Cunt sucking ASSHOLE! Don' you have anything better to do than ridicule people's hard work? Do you have any idea how much work goes into these stories? Lay off that crap
Potato Flood
7:06 pm | June 18, 2002
suck ass!
2:13 am | June 17, 2002
Thanks for the reply Adam. Yea, your in luck, because i wrote this story as a creative writing project for my English class. That means....I already have the whole story written!...Lucky for you! Yea, im gonna add every chapter every other day....we'll see what happens in the following chapters......Peace
Adam Cregeur
7:19 pm | June 16, 2002
Good story, I really hope you continue this, I can not wait for the next round to come out, please make this a long series, I will continue reading without a shadow of a doubt. Excellent job. I like how believable it is (for a scfi story that is), with the idea of training some extra marines, and having reserved some of the SPARTANS. Also, I would hope some regular marines would make their way into this story at some point, but its all up to you man. Good job!