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Comments for 'Halo: A Comedy 2 Part 2'

12:12 am | April 26, 2004
Orange Peanuts? Straaaaange...
MC's Cousin
5:47 pm | April 25, 2004
Ah...well it was pretty good. Those darned rodents would have gotten the upper hand of me, but I don't really care about the insignificant lives of squirels and so just keep driving.
*MCC goes to wash his tires*

Singing Off

11:33 am | April 25, 2004
Damn critters...
6:03 am | April 25, 2004
FAN-TAS-TIC. I cant wait till the next chapter!
3:34 am | April 25, 2004
Well, I'm glad you guys liked it. Don't forget to check out my serious series too, titled Casualties of War.

Part 3 is coming up soon. I have NO idea how I'm going to implement that squirrel talk in there. lol
The Silver Spartan!
1:30 am | April 25, 2004
ROTFL!!! That was the best Halo comedy I have ever read! My second fav. was Orange Peanuts... It had me cracking up, the pot joke and the Chipmunks!


PS: is it just me, or have I been giving out a LOT of 10/10's lately? Great work guys!!!

The Silver Spartan
1:15 am | April 25, 2004
Faggot is spelt like this, not like that. Dumb faggot Shawn kid.
Nick Kang
12:45 am | April 25, 2004
ur dumb fagot
12:45 am | April 25, 2004
This gets weirder every time. But, still good. Unfortunatly, I haven't played halflife so i have no idea what the hell you're going on about...
Nick Kang
4:19 pm | April 24, 2004
You can never EVER trust a squirrel.

3:25 pm | April 24, 2004
I really liked it. Those chipmunks could cause a lot of havoc if they wanted to.
2:20 pm | April 24, 2004
Where did you think of these jokes
The REAL Nick Kang
1:24 pm | April 24, 2004
If another Nick Kang comes throuigh here calling you a faggot, it isn't me. I swear.