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Comments for 'A Medic's Tale: Chaper 1: Halo'

A Fan
12:21 am | July 14, 2004
I like it update soon .
8:17 am | July 12, 2004
Okay, it might help if you use a different story name, and please, spell your title right!

Nick Kang
12:59 pm | July 11, 2004
Watch the first hour of Saving Private Ryan. That'll give you a good idea of what a medic does.

4:28 am | July 11, 2004
wow, didnt read past the first paragraph. if u wanna know what it would b like for a medic watch Band of Brothers when they're at the Battle of the Buldge. that should give u a good understanding. also, medics are usually the most screwed up in the head, not crazy, but they usually hate the war the most, especially if its a front line medic like urs.
5:20 pm | July 10, 2004
There were several grammar mistakes. The story was pure he did this he did that. There were no details, i really didn't care about any of the characters. You didn't really discrible where they were, how many Covies, there were no emotions. Medics aren't usually on the front lines like that. Marines tend to protect their medics so the medics and save their lives. He would be behind the other Marines. A plasma bolt to the shoulder would not kill a human. It would hurt like hell and probably melt straight through his shoulder but wouldn't kill him. The Medic would make sure that the wounded Marine didn't go into shock.
If you gonna right about Medics you should have an understanding of what they do, their training, and some medica knowledge.
The story was ok, but could have been so much better. Read the last part of my series Sergeant Vick, I have a medic in it.