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Comments for 'The Truth and Reconciliation'

Dave Luck
6:27 pm | July 21, 2004
A few typos - Ah, well typo's are okay, as long as they don't get in the way of the story.

You need to use the indentation, and don't forget the horizontal rule tags.

Don't worry, try again.

- Dave.
6:03 pm | July 21, 2004
I like your writing style, it kept me reading the entire thing...something that not many Authors at HBO can do. This would be perfect if you used the code; there were not many typo's.
2:22 pm | July 21, 2004
Its been done before by a writer with far better skills. Was it mainevent or MMC, I don't remember. Plus, without the code its hard to read.

1:24 pm | July 21, 2004
Yeah, due to lack of participation.
-Sucks, don't it?
10:06 am | July 21, 2004
Steve, you're the one holding the fanfic contest, right?

I am one of the judges for series there, btw.

Anyway, has the contest ended? I am a little confused (read = Tims normal state of being) by the wording used on the frontpage.

Appreciates answer. (I'll give you a comment on the story later, there are a few good series here that I follow.)