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CoLd BlooDed
4:09 am | March 1, 2004
I think I'm going to go watch the E3 Demo again. Hehehe, maybe I'll do a short story about Corporal Perez. :D
MC's Cousin
2:17 pm | February 29, 2004
Great work. Although you were accurate (which I love) your story style is what worries me. It was a little too repetitive and didn't flow quite right. You use the same word too many times in the same paragraph. Work on that for us and you will be a great FF writer. Darn you! Now I'm getting those cravings again! Cant! Stop! Wanting ! HALO 2!

Signing Off

John E
7:11 am | February 29, 2004
This is AWESOME! I was reading this then I watched the Demo and it was identical. By far the best fan fiction I have ever read. Keep it up.
CoLd BlooDed
6:06 am | February 29, 2004
This was awesome, Steve, keep up the spectacular work! I loved the E3 Demo, it made me want H2 badly, but I am still patiently waiting. Keep it up Steve, I still have alot to learn from you.
5:41 am | February 29, 2004
It took me a while to find it, but I got it from halo.bungie.net

go to video/audio on the right side toolbar, then go to the bottom of the resulting page and click on the E3 demo video link. It will take you back to HBO's mirror page for the video. Find the format you want, and enjoy!

Anyways, I loved this story. It was very much like the video, so much so that I found myself reliving the video as I read this. Good job man, keep it up.
Jon M
4:23 am | February 29, 2004
Great Story. Sorry I didn't read it earlier today. So where can you get this E3 video? If it's anything like this story I'd like to see it.
1:50 am | February 29, 2004
I suppose, for those who haven't seen the E3 Halo 2 demo ( I saw it, it was INCREDIBLE ), that this little bit here accounts for everything - even that sweet ending there. I love it all! Very good, I remembered every bit of the demo vid and this is highly accurate. Cheers.
7:11 pm | February 28, 2004
Man Steve you've been taking all of my ideas. :-p j/k great story man