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Comments for 'Battle for the Norah: Part Twenty [FINALE]'

Phat Bob
6:18 am | July 22, 2004
After following the entire series, I now find myself disturbed at the fact that I must now find another series as good as this one to read. Excellent work.
Da Mann
3:00 am | July 22, 2004
Excellent! I hope we get to see a sequal from you.
1:50 am | July 22, 2004
It was ok but It used a few things from FS I immedatly noticed. Nice story though.
9:43 pm | July 21, 2004
Great...I want more of Cunningham and Sami and the rest!

haha..one of the best on this site comes to a close.
Always a sad day when something this good comes to an end.

Ah, oh well.....
5:11 pm | July 21, 2004
I was a bit worried that this was too short and that I didn't pack enough detail in. It didn't come off that way, did it?

And, to bug you all, I'm not through with Cunningham, even though the Norah is finished.
Dave Luck
4:55 pm | July 21, 2004
I love it. I love it. I love it....

Great! It's Great!

It shows how the survivors got off. And it also showed how they found the Chief and Linda.

And it's action packed - without to much gore!

- Dave.
4:41 pm | July 21, 2004
i dont know dog....it does explain why the 5 of them were in the pelican at the beginning of FS. He ended the story where FS started

2:24 pm | July 21, 2004
i didnt really like the end, i think like one more episode would rap it up, i was going for them to reach cunningham, just my opinion