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Comments for 'Battle for Norah: Part Three'

2:31 pm | July 10, 2003
Thanks...I'm needing a lot of it right now...
11:22 am | July 10, 2003
Awesome man, seems like everyone likes the WHJ. Me too. Like Agent Shade said, the action was cool. I liked the tanks and 'em blowing the crap out of the flood. Awesome! 9.25/10
Agent Shade
2:24 am | July 10, 2003
lmao, good luck
12:47 am | July 10, 2003
Yeah, Agent Shade...I DID get Sami from Advance Wars (I'm trying to beat the "Sea of Hope" mission in AW2: Black Hole Rising).
Agent Shade
10:10 pm | July 9, 2003
i would've commented earlier, but i've been working all week, and haven't been home for the day...

i thought this was good, kinda short, but awesome action. like everyone else, i really liked that warthog flip, quite awesome.

you got Sami from Advance Wars didn't you? lol, very good Sterfrye 10/10
7:23 pm | July 9, 2003
Guh, I need some comments! My writing won't get any better unless somebody gives me some constructive criticism!
5:54 pm | July 9, 2003
other than the confusing paragraphing it was pretty nice, the warthog flip especially
Diamond Dog
5:22 pm | July 9, 2003
Yeah, that was pretty cool. I liked it.
4:08 pm | July 9, 2003
Thanks. Did you like the Warthog jump?
3:23 pm | July 9, 2003
Other than a few instances of spelling, it was pretty good.
11:38 am | July 9, 2003
I'm back! Shade, don't worry about the Norah. I'll finish it out...and then some!
How'd everybody like it?