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Comments for 'Why Most Stories on HBO Are Total Crap'

Dave Luck
5:35 pm | July 9, 2004
Well, I guess that's a solution to n00bs.

Still, I wonder about the n00bs, who just don't take the time to type properly.

Yeah, I know, I'm still green, and a little wet-behind-the-ears. (Ugh!)

I really liked this one - We get back at those n00bs for trashing the whole place.

Speaking of Liberals, they were recently elected with a minority government. And in Canada, instead of four years term, it's six years.

I'm rooting for the Conservatives. If they are elected, I hope to make 'n00bness' a capital offence punishable by only one thing: Immediate Death Penalty, because most n00bs don't have their mommies to bail them out. (Pun intended)

- Dave.
10:01 pm | July 2, 2004
1:39 am | July 2, 2004
LoL. IMO the best part was the e-mail spam. Did you perhaps read the Popular Science article 106 Science Claims and a Truckful of Baloney?

6:25 pm | June 30, 2004
It can fly?
5:47 pm | June 30, 2004
Does anyone know what's special about the Covenant carbine?
12:57 pm | June 30, 2004
All right Ster. I'll get to it on the bounce.
11:29 am | June 30, 2004
I thank thee, Walker, for thy most kind words.
3:23 am | June 30, 2004
This is an ill-suited political forum.

Anyway, did you actually submit this in the Enkidu, or were you going to? Cuz what if you won? Then they'd put the same story in twice.

It could get you disqualified or something...
2:22 am | June 30, 2004
Walker, you need to read parts 15-19. Your last comment was on 14.
Slit Throat
1:01 am | June 30, 2004


If anyone reads this and still submits a comedy that they think is going to beat it, they must have mental issues.

No competition. Nice job.


(Don't ask me about politics. I don't care.)
10:30 pm | June 29, 2004
Severian, thou art most wise for realizing the faults of both candidates.
10:21 pm | June 29, 2004
Actually, I'm working on the last Norah part. I'll have to find a good, solid block of free time, though.
9:14 pm | June 29, 2004
I don't know- I'd say that stealing the election from Gore was pretty darn smart. Bush isn't a dumbass; he is merely a profit-seeking, money-mad oil-robbin' Texan with rich business owners to uphold. Kerry isn't much different, either. Heinz Catsups/Ketchups, anyone?
8:22 pm | June 29, 2004
freaking brilliant. the comments part was a nice touch. speaking of the Norah, still working on it? haha it's still my favorite out all your work.
6:03 pm | June 29, 2004
For just a moment I'm going to get political and agree with Nick--I would just do it with quite a few more expletives.
5:09 pm | June 29, 2004
great story. but it makes me think twice about submitting my first....
2:49 pm | June 29, 2004
Gredat STury. i LOcved iTR. Just kidding. It was a great story though.
Or on a more accurate scale

P.S.- What was so bad about the kids story? I liked it.
1:15 pm | June 29, 2004
Wait... I'll have to see what part of Norah I read last... but I'll get to it ASAP. And there's no need for all that, every person is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions. I merely questioned the forum you put them forth in.

Better start searching...

Nick Kang
12:45 pm | June 29, 2004
I wasn't saying people with accents are dumb, I was saying that Bush is a total idiot.

11:56 am | June 29, 2004
im laguhing so much im cruing, and i think im going to die from laughter, lol
11:36 am | June 29, 2004
I'm still laughing...
11:26 am | June 29, 2004
I guess that (Al Franken actually looks like Herman Munster!)tongue in cheek doesn't come across well on the (Kerry is a peacnik, hippy-loving fool who would desert Iraq before our work is done there!)internet. I'll just (Vote Bush!)keep that in mind for the (Massachusetts stinks!)future.
And boy, is it nice to have a comment page this big.

Say, Walker, did you ever read part Nineteen of the Norah? Or my new Longsword R series?
1:44 am | June 29, 2004
I would have to go with walker on political thoughts. Your story definetely could have done without the politlical opinions.
1:44 am | June 29, 2004
Absolutely hilarious!!!!
1:33 am | June 29, 2004
Wow Nick, I never realized that just because someone has an accent they must be a total idiot! Thanks for the insight. Next time I see a New Yorker or someone from Massachussets, I'll point and laugh and, even if they posses a Ph.D., call them retarded.

I guess the fact that Jimmy Carter, who also has a Southern accent, and was a nuclear scientist, means nothing to you...

1:33 am | June 29, 2004
I just read that beggining again and its hilarious!!! God, this is by far the funniest thing I have ever heard on HBO.

Sorry about leaving two comments, but its that good.
Nick Kang
1:08 am | June 29, 2004
I laughe dso harf i realisedt hat Bush's hair looks like a bush/

And if you can't get into the oval office having pidgeon dropping for brains, than why am I watching a speech with Bush going,
"I ayam the Praysidayent of the Uonited States...of Amerrca."

Why can't they post more story/examples such as these? Is Wu's baby posting the stories?

Agent Shade
12:47 am | June 29, 2004
lol definitely Enkidu material, good luck to you there Ster
12:07 am | June 29, 2004
Good. Glad we can agree.
12:03 am | June 29, 2004
I wasn't talking about how much power a president could wield, but I don't want any political spats either, so yeah... You're right. No answer.
10:30 pm | June 28, 2004
But I will say this: you are wrong. The president makes a BIG deal of difference. That's why there's so many restrictions on eligibility and why we have the two-term rule. The president has a lot of power... don't ever underestimate that.
10:30 pm | June 28, 2004
I don't want to talk politics, either. So I'm not going to answer.
10:08 pm | June 28, 2004
I don't want this to turn into a political extravaganza, but what's so wrong with leftists?
I don't vote (mainly because I'm underage, but also because what president this country has doesn't really change your everyday life), but still... Kerry seems more appealing than Bush.
9:45 pm | June 28, 2004
Ahhh hahah this put a simle on my face.
9:25 pm | June 28, 2004
This is definitely not toilet-paper material. Excellent job, you had me laughing the whole time.
9:25 pm | June 28, 2004
But I would say that your description of the n00b and his writing was accurate...
9:21 pm | June 28, 2004
It was good, then came the Leftist politics. It ruined it. Sorry, Ster.

Molon labe!


PS: How stupid can someone who flies jet aircraft, requiring a complex understanding of mathematics and split-second reflexes, be? I mean, the very sight of Bill Klinton makes me gag, but I know he's smart. You don't get into the oval office with pidgeon droppings for brains.
8:00 pm | June 28, 2004
I actually laughed at several parts of that. Good job!

But I'd never give a Left-Wing story high praise. I prefer my fanfic to be non-agenda.
7:59 pm | June 28, 2004
You know, I actually thought you were talking about a real story that came about before... That is, until I got to the last part. (Vote Kerry!)
Lovely. Pretty darn funny, too.
7:48 pm | June 28, 2004
Good to see that everyone liked it. Anyone think it's got a chance to win Enkidu?

And I can't tell, Void. Are you being sarcastic here?
7:44 pm | June 28, 2004
Hahahaha, and ha.

(I nearly forgot, HA)
7:42 pm | June 28, 2004
That was great. I laughed, love "my comments." I liked the gay porn sites the 8 year old was looking at that was funny. Fag at such an early age, thats said, he probably jumps rope with the lil girls.

7:28 pm | June 28, 2004
Egad!! You've been spying on Louis Wu and his son!! STALKER, STALKER!!!!

Anyway, nice job. I noticed that my name was spelled wrong *sobs*. Oh well, at least I was mentioned.
6:52 pm | June 28, 2004
Hehe, got a good laugh from that. Good work.
CoLd BlooDed
6:45 pm | June 28, 2004
Hehe, that's good, although I would've liked to be mentioned. :( lol

I laughed when you implied he was using the newbs' story as toilet paper, the rest of the story was humorous, but that was the part I laughed at. Oh, and the title. :)

Good job.