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Comments for 'Battle for the Norah: Part Nineteen'

6:16 pm | July 20, 2004
No. The next one is. I've just submitted it.
3:20 am | July 20, 2004
this is the last episode!!!!!!!
3:05 am | July 3, 2004
Thanks, man. But what exactly does molon labe mean?
2:31 pm | July 2, 2004
Wow, beautifull... finally, an explanation for everything. Ster, you've got skills.

Molon labe!

white grunt
6:59 am | June 26, 2004
excellent story.i really love it hope u make more
12:59 am | June 26, 2004
Oh, and how old are you? You seem like a Harvard/Oxford/Princeton/Yale/Etc intellegence. Jeeze...no one this smart since Wado, or maybe Dispraiser. (Not to say that all the other regs are dumb or anything).
12:56 am | June 26, 2004
Dave, Im liking you already. You skipped the newb phase and went to rookie in less than an hour (in my book). A feat not seen since......ever!

Hope you use this rating system on my new story, just to give me an idea of how good/horrible it is. Grade savagly, I can take it. It should be in the next batch.
Agent Shade
6:25 pm | June 25, 2004
i like this new ranking system...hope you're still around when i start submitting again Dave
Dave Luck
4:44 pm | June 25, 2004
These were rated against professional standards for published works.

Reader Friendliness -
20/20 - An easy mark to get. Very well done.

Spelling and Grammar
18/20 - No major grammar and spelling mistakes picked up. One typo, one small error at 'spore's' 'medieval' should be capitalized.

Word Choice
20/20 - Excellent! Different personalities of different characters extremely well depicted in speech and personality.

Word usage
20/20 - Excellent! Word usage letter-perfect! Professional, high-level wording and excellent. Glows with professionalism and effort.

Overall excitement
20/20 - Suspenseful, holding reader in. Cliffhanger ending. Great choice of words. Excellent thriller.

Satire, Symbolism, Philosophical values.
Not applicable - Thriller.

98/100 - Awesome Excellent!

Professional fiction.

Awesome Excellent! Great work! Keep it up! Great ending!

- Dave.
8:24 am | June 25, 2004
lol, a little convenient in some places, e.g. the other marines losing control and smashing in2 the rocks. Anyhoo good addition to the series, keep it up =)
Agent Shade
2:02 am | June 25, 2004
slowly...too many summer parties amigo...got like four chapters done so far
9:48 pm | June 24, 2004
Thanks, Shade. How's your new series coming?
Agent Shade
8:29 pm | June 24, 2004
still strong, keep it up
4:57 pm | June 24, 2004
To indent, put this: (With no spaces)

[i] is to begin italicizing words. To stop italicizing, [/i]
The same with bolding, except that you use [b].
Dave Luck
4:44 pm | June 24, 2004
Simple - you need to




If you don't, and just go ahead and post your fanfiction story - you will be branded a n00b.

Anyhow, great story! I can't complain!

Great thriller! I'm going to print the series out and read it before I go to sleep.

And one more thing, Echo630, you have to actually T-Y-P-E everything out. No, and I mean...

Type like this. With grammar, punctuation, and not spelling 'you' as 'u' and 'are' as 'r.' You will never go far if you do that.
3:23 pm | June 24, 2004
didnt get to read it yet, but i wanted to know how exactly do u get in new paragraphs and stuff. I cant indent! it wont work!