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Comments for 'Longsword R: Desperation, Part One'

12:36 am | June 26, 2004
i like the idea of a cloaked covie capitol ship. never saw any one else do that

1:46 am | June 24, 2004
Well, you haven't seen the next part...

*Ehem* Sorry. I just had to say that. And Wiley, have you read my Battle for the Norah series? Masterchiefsdog says he's actually made a book out of it!
The comment: http://halosn.bungie.org/fanfic/showcomments.html?story=sterfrye36.0528042228341.html
The story: http://halosn.bungie.org/fanfic/?story=sterfrye36.0528042228341.html
1:03 am | June 24, 2004
You keep thinking that, Sterfry. Green envy my butt.

Heh, im just playin. Your good, no doubt about it. But, honestly, nobody here can come close to Steele's skill at writing fighter combat. Its just impossible.
4:15 pm | June 23, 2004
And what'd you think of the story?
spanish spartan
4:15 pm | June 23, 2004
dont listen to helljumper. he's a real punk bitch.
4:03 pm | June 23, 2004
Hmm...According to the fic files, he hasn't done anything since March of 04...e-mail him or something so that he can stare with green envy at my space combat writing prowess, would you?
2:35 pm | June 23, 2004
Oh, yea...I remember now.

The best was Steele's In Defense of Earth.
God, I wish hed come back. he just up and dropped off the face of the planet
8:17 pm | June 22, 2004
Why wouldn't they? The UNSC is trying as hard as it can to develop plasma weaponry. Why wouldn't they use it if they had it?
And don't worry; I'm dreaming up some slug-based weapons to stick on the 'Swords.
343 Salty Beans
6:23 pm | June 22, 2004
Ah, Top Gun. What a great movie. Sex, action, what more could a testosterone-driven male ask for?

Oops, I'm babbling again. Anyway, AWESOME stuff. I do agree, though, that humans should use slug-based weapons, not plasma.

6:21 pm | June 22, 2004
Didn't you call my original Longsword your second-favorite fighter series or something once?
9:18 am | June 22, 2004
Yup. Kimball is my last name. It went from Wiley Kimball to Wiley K. and now its just Wiley.
1:23 am | June 22, 2004
Pretty good, my own thing is that when u introduce a character you should start with rank, full name and if need branch of service such as, Major Juan Ingram UNSC Marine Corps ODST
Agent Shade
8:56 pm | June 21, 2004
still strong, keep it up
8:24 pm | June 21, 2004
I see...BTW, you are the same guy as Wiley Kimball or Wiley K., right?
5:24 pm | June 21, 2004
Not powerful...just..I don't like plasma. save for torpedoes. And rifles. Rifles kick ass. Its funny to see your best friend twitch and die from your withering assault. Anyway, its no where near as powerful as my new ship....stay tuned to my series to see. Hehehehe...
3:56 pm | June 21, 2004
To enhance the enjoyment of these fics, please try listening to:
"Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins
"Mighty Wings" by Cheap Trick (The singer!)
"Through the Fire" by Larry Greene

^My 3 fav songs from the "Top Gun" soundtrack.

Are the Human ships still too powerful for you?
12:48 pm | June 21, 2004
Nick if your still having trouble with submitting fan fic, check out my advice on the last Strive to Survive comments section
Nick Kang
12:45 pm | June 21, 2004
10/10 10/10 10/10

I like the new Seraphs. They kick ass!


9:41 am | June 21, 2004
Best one yet. Great ideas with the cloaking stuff.

you get a rare 10/10
9:41 am | June 21, 2004
Although, I must say...I dont like the plasma cannon thing. I just think bullets are better. Shields, maybe....but no plasma weapons...not on a fighter anyway. But thats just me.