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Comments for 'Battle for the Norah: Part Two'

1:17 am | June 20, 2003
very nice ster. i thuroghly enjoyed it
5:47 pm | June 19, 2003
Oh, OK.
Agent Shade
3:18 pm | June 19, 2003
Sterfrye, i am very impressed indeed. my original idea for part two was to talk about the Covenant and how they wanted the Norah as well. in the end, i was planning to have the Covenant and Humans ally with each other, then take over the Norah. still, what you have here is very good. please keep going, this is great 10/10
3:18 pm | June 19, 2003
Ah, I had anticipated this... If I recall correctly from H:TF, the Infection Form takes up residence in one's chest cavity. Strom's bullet hit the infection form in the chest cavity and BLEW UP the Infection Form. The Infection Form's exsplosion (sp)tore the Combat Form apart.
Wiley K.
2:58 pm | June 19, 2003
Cool, one thing though: The S2 AM Sniper Rifle does not affect the Flood. The bullet just passes right thru it. Just that little detail to point out. 9.5/10 Agent Shade would be pleased.
12:52 pm | June 19, 2003
Ok, for those of you who really liked my Longsword series,(All five of you)I'm still not through with it yet. You'll see why I've taken up Shade's story once I"m done...