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Comments for 'Longsword: Desperation- Part Three'

8:18 pm | June 13, 2003
It would do a lot, but not enough to out run a MAC round. Maybe if they used an in-system slipspace jump...
2:24 pm | June 13, 2003
Let's just say he used the aft emergency thruster as well. If that thing can yank a Cruiser out of low LOW orbit, imagine what it could do at the same moment that the engines 310% themselves.
9:39 pm | June 12, 2003
Yeah, but 310% ain't enough to beat a MAC round. It'd be more around 3100%.
2:40 pm | June 12, 2003
If the POA's engines could boost to 310%, what could a larger Cruiser with even better engines that can boost to 310% do?
11:56 am | June 12, 2003
I own all the books to the X-wing series. They're really good. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be the air-combat writer I am....

Sorry, Sterfrye, I'll go read the fic.
11:56 am | June 12, 2003
It was pretty good. 9/10.

The main trouble was grammar. While some would say, "Who give a flying, flipping flimbozzo!" Sometimes the abscense of commas and apostrophes (that was 'bout all-grammar wise) made it hard to understand.

Am I correct in understanding that the Cruiser (the Maverick won't it?) shot a MAC round then beat the MAC round to its target? That is just kinda hard to beleive...
1:03 am | June 11, 2003
The SDF-1 is from Robotech. It stands for Super Dimensional Fortress.It's in the Macross Saga.(Google it)It was eally inspired by the X-Wing series.
12:50 am | June 11, 2003
One more thing to add but Cover ships RARELY miss like that
12:41 am | June 11, 2003
Wiley K.
6:45 pm | June 10, 2003
What is SDF-1? I know it from somewhere.
Great story, has me thinking of the X-Wing series.
Agent Shade
5:49 pm | June 10, 2003
still a great story Sterfrye, you da man 10/10
4:08 pm | June 10, 2003
YES! That's right.I don't think I put any other references in this one...
3:50 pm | June 10, 2003
3:43 pm | June 10, 2003
Here's a hint: Lieutenant__________ He's Captain of the SDF-1.
3:12 pm | June 10, 2003
Sorry, I'm not good at catching references(hand-eye coordination a little off), but your story was still good! 9.5/10, (I know, I know, it was a really stupid joke)
1:10 pm | June 10, 2003
Can anyone catch my references this time around? There's one to Robotech in there. How's everybody liking it?