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Comments for 'Ever Have a Day Like This?'

Dave Luck
9:32 pm | July 15, 2004
Yeah, I've had days like that. I can't believe that some people are so dumb...

- Dave.
Sum Gui
4:50 pm | July 5, 2004
Yes, yes, we all know somebody like that.

I was playing system-link the other day and all I heard over the sound of S2-AM bullets were scearms of such vulgar because the my Super-nOObish team-mate got a rocket up his ass whist tring to get into an "Armadillo" (Warthog).

And now, a beer commerical style salute.

Yes, today we salute you, Mister Super nOObish HALO player. With your awsome wall-shooting abilities(shootin' some walls now), and your tears of joy when your score ends up to be the best youv'e ever had, which is 3-7182.(Suckin' last tit) So grab a nice cold one, and know that we all stand by your side.(Mister Super nOObish HALO player)
8:22 am | June 7, 2004
hahaha, that made my day, nice job
11:49 am | June 6, 2004
I'm sad to say that I've played with people like that before.

It was great, but you should've given the guys names, instead of just "the kid on the left/right". I personally christen the stupid kid to be called "Bubba."

Silly Bubba...pistols are for shooting your enemies, not your Marines.
2:40 am | June 6, 2004
That's just so everyone can envision someone that they know in there. Including themselves. And it appears that it worked on you.
9:45 pm | June 4, 2004
"Mildly amusing" being an understatement, right?
1:37 pm | June 4, 2004
No. This is'nt made to make fun of anyone in particular. Just n00bs who make tons of mistakes.
12:16 pm | June 4, 2004

That was great. I believe the kid on the right is AKA Wraith and the kid on the left is AKA Wraith's mistake of a friend.
Nick Kang
10:33 am | June 4, 2004
I like to fight hint givers...they're so easy to kill with a pistol.
Once I was playing co-op with my friend on the level Halo, and when we reached the first group of Marines, my friend yelled,
"Look! Elites! Kill 'em all!" He seemingly thought the Covenant were Marines for some reason and started killing Sarge and his partner. Then the Marines went ballistic and we had to kill them all.

8:17 am | June 4, 2004
oh god that was funny