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Comments for 'Rally Point Alpha'

1:28 pm | June 8, 2003
That or the "Jug". P-47 Thunderbolt.
1:19 am | June 8, 2003
My favorite is the P-51D Mustang. That baby would bring 'em all down in a dogfight! Yeah!
2:06 pm | June 5, 2003
I like the Vought F-4U Corsair Myself.
10:03 pm | June 4, 2003
Yeah, I remember the Dauntlesses :). I used to be a World War II fighter geek. P-38 was my favorite. Whenever I see the name Dauntless I'm reminded of the WWII fighter. I just see it so often that I usually dismiss it as a common name. Lemme' see what else you have.
4:05 pm | June 4, 2003
Yes, that is true. However, that's not all. Look at the name of the Dauntless, then look at the names of some World War 2 fighter planes (The Dauntless was an American dive bimber).
11:58 am | June 4, 2003
Not bad. I think I know what you mean by refrences. . . you got the from the H2 announcement video. Rally Point Alpha is mentioned by an Admiral in the video, and Cortana states, "Hang on, reinforcements are on the Spoke." (or something to that effect) When I first watched it, I thought the Spoke quote was a saying, stating the reinforcements were on their way, but I guess it's a ship. Again, nice job.
Wiley Kimball
9:23 pm | June 3, 2003
9/10. Covie only has one V. What do you mean by "refrences"?
9:05 pm | June 3, 2003
lol i read both of em
6:50 pm | June 3, 2003
NO! I"ve read TFOR too(With any luck, I'll be reading the Flood soon)! I just don't get what he means by that! I mean, this story has nothing to do with ODSTs...yet.
I must be completely missing the point.
6:41 pm | June 3, 2003
Helljumpers? They are the ODST. Feet first into hell is their motto. AM I THE ONLY THAT READ THE HALO BOOKS?
6:32 pm | June 3, 2003
What do you mean by that?
6:16 pm | June 3, 2003
9/10 Helljumpers never had the nerve eh?
4:51 pm | June 3, 2003
So, what's everybody think of part two?