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Comments for 'Longsword R: Beginnings'

9:03 pm | June 6, 2004
Reminds me of "Red Air", an orginization that provides Vietnam-era Douglas A-4 Skyhawks (Anyone remember the jumpjet from the fall of reach?) as opponents for the Navy's TOPGUN school.
Believe it or not, the Skyhawk was also in the movie "Top Gun". It was the camoflauged airplane that Viper and Jester flew.
Also, the "MiG-28" in "Top Gun" was actually an American made T-38 Talon trainer with missiles on its wings. They're nimble, but they're not actual dogfighters.
1:59 pm | June 6, 2004
Just the descriptions, the battles. "Fallout" is about a guy that starts his own TOPGUN school except he uses MiG-29s instead of F-14s. And I love the Ender Series.
2:31 am | June 6, 2004
Nope. I've read "Fly Off" by Bob Norris; "Air Battle Force" by Dale Brown; "Ender's Game" and "Ender's Shadow" by Orson Scott Card; several books by Michael Crichton, and have a subscription to "Smithsonian: Air & Space" magazine.

How's this remind you of Fallout?
2:24 am | June 6, 2004
Sterfrye36, have you read Fallout by James W. Huston. This kindof reminds of that book. It was great (your story I mean, but the book was good too).
2:18 am | June 6, 2004
Not to mention he spelled your name wrong. Not a very good imitation.
Elite Zov
4:32 pm | June 5, 2004
I have nothing to say because it's too good.
5:42 am | June 5, 2004
Great. People imittating us again. I wouldn't ever talk like that.
1:46 am | June 5, 2004
Of cource , I hate people who love me so stfu anyway.
1:37 pm | June 4, 2004
Heh. I'm framing that comment, Ajax.
Agent Shade
12:21 am | June 4, 2004
wow Ajax, just wow lol
10:59 pm | June 3, 2004
Words cannot describe how awesome this story is.

I read it twice and grabbed a life preserver to avoid drowning in my own drool. My computer is a couple feet under-drool as we speak. I'm typing this by holding my breath for as long as I can, then returning to the surface of the drool. Pretty nasty stuff.

I have more than sixty hot girl pics on my computer and have decided that your story is hotter than several of them. You just can't beat Joanna Krupa and Carmen Electra.

When I clicked on the link my shirt caught on fire due to the sheer hotness of the story. I desperately stopped, dropped, and rolled to put it out, but it didn't work. Water only made it worse. Must have been Greek fire.

After your dead-sexy story my musculature was enhanced (not that I wasn't buff before) so much so that I attracted several hotties to me in a manner of seconds. They flew through the air as if I was an actual "babe magnet". (Not that I wasn't already.)

I must congradulate you in significantly improving my happiness and general success. Thanks to this story, I will go on to become a much richer pimp daddy with a nice set of wheels and a house in the Caymans where I can sip rum and watch string bikinis.

LMAO...I'm done now.
9:52 pm | June 3, 2004
Good. And read my "Battle for the Norah" series too, will you? Part Eighteen is at the bottom of this page.
Nick Kang
9:25 pm | June 3, 2004
That's okay, I'm bored. : )

8:22 pm | June 3, 2004
Oh, and Nick, I should warn you...it won't be totally dissimilar, but it will be pretty different. I've changed character names around...all sorts of stuff.
8:20 pm | June 3, 2004
No, it's not a problem, B.B. I asked the big guy himself and he said it was alright since this is my one-year anniversary.
Nick Kang
8:11 pm | June 3, 2004
This is great! I'm not familiar with your original series, but I'll find it and read it now!

7:26 pm | June 3, 2004
Um, sorry this is nothing to do with the story, but I don't think your entry for the enkidu will be counted. I think they said if you have already put it on the HBO fan fic section then they don't count the entry. Soz again.....
Agent Shade
6:23 pm | June 3, 2004
*counts on fingers* four hundred ninety-nine, five hundred...carry the five, square the two...yeah, around 500 years lol
2:42 pm | June 3, 2004
Well, this IS 500 years in the future, you know.
11:51 am | June 3, 2004
almost word for word out of the HALO books, and yet no credit given to it, otherwise i liked the story. It was good.
6:23 am | June 3, 2004
Ya know... since you like using acronyms so much for your missiles, you should include the MOABs (used today). It stands for "Mass Ordinance something Bombs" but USAF people prefer to call em "Mother Of All Bombs".
12:48 am | June 3, 2004
Please explain to me where it was "word for word". I replaced the Archer missiles with Spitfires, gave the Longsword different missiles and plasma cannons instead of 110mm rotary cannons...just where the heck was it word for word?
7:17 pm | June 2, 2004
Oh, and did anyone catch my numerous references to airplanes, movies, cartoons, etc.?
6:45 pm | June 2, 2004
Quit writing the Norah? It never entered my mind.
Agent Shade
6:21 pm | June 2, 2004
never been a fan of space or air combat, but this was like the worm on a fish hook and just reeled me in.

the amount of detail that you put into explaining the Longswords was very good. so many codes, course i won't remember them all. the S series is powerful, period.

though i agree with FOrunnER,the Covenant do indeed seem too weak. i was gonna say that maybe you made the Longswords to powerful, but i cant really find any proof of this.

anyway, hope to read more, but don't stop Norah
Blue Jaguar
5:33 pm | June 2, 2004
yeah! boeing making engines all right, cuz their planes suck!

Lyul'ka and Pratt and Whitney make the best engines, GE sux
5:18 pm | June 2, 2004
Heh-heh. Thanks...It feels good to have a nice, long comment like that.
5:00 pm | June 2, 2004
Dead sexy. What FOrunnER said.
4:51 pm | June 2, 2004
Very very good. You definatley seem to know what your talking about when your describing the Longswords improvements from the 21st century craft. I'm assuming you know alot about military aircraft?

I did notice your coming dangerously close to making the Covies look like pushovers. I know that the improvements to the UNSC ships are great, but the Covie ships should at least have a fighting chance.

The charactor description and interactions were great and I cant wait to read the next chapter ( I didn't read the first version of this so I don't have an inkling of whats going to happen).