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Comments for 'Beginings'

Nick Kang
9:30 pm | June 3, 2004
Yes, yes, plot. It bugs me when stories are pure action and no plot.
(I realize I did this in one of my earlier stories.)
And this is awesome. Pure coolness.

5:04 pm | June 7, 2003
Yes, plot!
3:03 pm | June 7, 2003
Good show! Nice idea, it seems we get more and more space combat fanfics then we used to. And it even has something in it besides combat. 9.5/10
Agent Shade
11:02 am | June 6, 2003
no problem man...what do you mean you wish to interconnect stories or something? (the comment you wrote in Battle of the Norah: Part 1)
12:21 am | June 6, 2003
Check your e-mail, i'll tell you there.
9:30 pm | June 5, 2003
Ok, thanks!
Agent Shade
5:47 pm | June 5, 2003
dude, school has been a huge fucking pain in the ass lately, so i doubt i will get to finish the series...doesn't look like a lot of people like it anyway...you go ahead and use Norah
5:22 pm | June 3, 2003
Thanks Shade. You want me to wait until you finish your series first?
Agent Shade
2:36 pm | June 3, 2003
no problem bout they Norah dude...i personally don't care
9:57 pm | June 2, 2003
Dude, I did get the Archer missile pods right. I said "For some extra punch" that it carried the SHIVAs and HAVOKs.
9:34 pm | June 2, 2003
u did get the MACs right
9:30 pm | June 2, 2003
Well the name for a standered missle is Archer not HAVOK. Am I the only one that has read the HALO books?
2:00 pm | June 2, 2003
Oh? How so?
1:42 pm | June 2, 2003
8.5/10 Dude according to the novels of HALO u got ur wepen names messed up.
1:19 am | June 2, 2003
Shade, I will eventually need to use the Norah. May I please use it?
Agent Shade
1:08 am | June 2, 2003
excelente mi amigo 10/10
12:50 am | June 2, 2003
Aw, crud. I'm using it as a mine later. Thanks.
...So, any other comments?
Wiley Kimball
10:37 pm | June 1, 2003
Nice way to end it. One thing, though; the HAVOK is a mine, not a missle, but great story anyway. About time we had a fighter story. 9/10