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Comments for 'Battle for the Norah: Part Sixteen'

11:33 am | April 24, 2004
I think i have a prediction. All the marines will get inside but none of the covie get inside (including kanamee).Then then the 2nd flood hunter is in the room they got in.
5:11 pm | April 22, 2004
Hey, really like this series but I'm itching for the next installment! Oh, and good point about another flood hunter--where there's one hunter there is always the brother.

Keep up the good work...
2:27 pm | April 10, 2004
Sorry. I think you just kind of implied it.
1:35 pm | April 10, 2004
1:35 pm | April 10, 2004
But i didnt say they talked in the game
1:51 pm | April 9, 2004
Actually, though Elites don't speak in the game, they have spoken English in the books.
12:39 pm | April 9, 2004
oh, and its a good story too,very good with that flood hunter.oh, give me a hint about which race gets off.
12:30 pm | April 9, 2004
ive read it all from start to finish too,but like you siad in the first part, look for mistakes. Ive found one mistake you cannot change and a good thing if you dont is that elites can't speak english. Play a level with the flood and look at the combatform of the elites back. That drooping kinda long hotdog, thats the head of the covenant elite. And in flood atomony the mouth looks like those fish that have circle mouth and hitchhike on another fish and kill it after by sucking its blood out.but dont change the elites talking in this chapter and any one further.and same with the other covenant,keepem talking.
10:19 pm | April 5, 2004
Heh. That would be cool if somebody made fan art of 343GS facing Sami and Cortana. Or the Flood Hunter & Cuningham.
Oh, and thanks for comments on the Fifteenth chapter,I appreciate it. And thanks, Phat Bob. You've read thisi entire thing since the beginning? Sweet!
Agent Shade
5:51 pm | April 5, 2004
good to have the story back Sterfrye, and good to see people are liking our idea lol

just playing man, keep it up
Phat Bob
4:21 pm | April 5, 2004
I've been following the progress of the story since it started, and continue to be pleased. You've done a great job, keep it up.
4:08 pm | April 5, 2004
Very very good. And if Im not mistaken, there should be another Flood Hunter around right? Good story, i actually have no criticisms.

Oh, and since I didn't comment on the last chapter, I'd like to congradulate you on that one to. The ending seriously gave me the chills.
Da Mann
2:40 pm | April 5, 2004
Sweet, a flood hunter. I enjoyes Cortana's and Sami's revenge vs. GS. The scene of the, flicking him off would make a cool fan art, as would Cunningham vs the flood hunter.