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Comments for 'Death of a Hero Part 1'

4:43 pm | February 12, 2003
If this is truly your position then you are a pussy and know nothing about honor and doing what's right.Can you imagine how many women and children would still be on earth if the Covenant glassed it. The character in this story doesn't realize that sacrificing himself is for the good of all humanity. Integrity, honor, courage, and selfless service. Earth may be imperfect, but there is no other planet that is. I hope that your viewpoint is different from that of your story.
Andy the Turanic Raider
9:06 pm | December 29, 2001
Ha ha! Great story! I enjoy the protaginists view of the universe. "Not that I have a problem with heroics, I'm all for them, as long as it's not me putting my ass on the line." That is such a great line! This story is perfect in every way! I just wish it wouldn't end!