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Comments for 'Thoughts of a Marine'

Covie Killer
6:45 pm | August 17, 2003
10:57 pm | August 16, 2003
Damn, 14 miles.
That was very good.
1:21 pm | August 16, 2003
Very very nice (i don't say that much you earned it) Good show make some more on something yeah?

11:33 am | August 16, 2003
Parfait! (Perfect in french) It couldn't get any better than that...999999999999999999999/10
9:25 pm | August 15, 2003
101/10 That was deep
8:38 pm | August 15, 2003
spartan117, he can write better than you so shut up. that was awesome, man. i think you should change the wording so it applies to some war of the past century and publish it. really, man. you are the most gifted writer i've seen here next to the guy who wrote Last of the Walking Dead, and that's saying a lot. Too me at least, cuz that is a good series. 11/10.
Da Mann
7:33 pm | August 15, 2003
That was good! It kind of reminded me of the letters the soldiers in Iraq send home saying that they're getting weary and want to go home. If only SPARTANs were for real.
4:50 pm | August 15, 2003
maybe you shouldnt focus on Grunts and Marines. Cause you suck at giving thoughts. Maybe you should focus more on the war. Instead of thoughts on it. Just some friendly advice! nice writing 8/10 keep making!
11:51 am | August 15, 2003
u are a gifted writer 10/10
11:51 am | August 15, 2003
that sounded gay