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Comments for 'A Grunt's Hope'

Dave Luck
3:14 pm | June 15, 2004
Very depressing. Instead of the cliche happy ending "They lived happily ever after" Apparently, you decided to give it a twist. Very sad, but excellent quality writing.

- Dave.
2:02 am | August 27, 2003
Very interesting story sad too. 10/10
9:09 pm | August 16, 2003
that was so sad 10/10
8:24 pm | August 15, 2003
did you watch "the spartans" on pbs? i think you're right, that was what it was... what i said was the translation the narrator gave. oops. thanks for the correction, gasmask.
2:40 am | August 15, 2003
Uh...it's unique, I'll give it that. Oh, btw, if memory serves corectly, the phrase is "Come home victorious, or on your shield."
9:32 pm | August 14, 2003
while war is filled with wrong, how can you say that the human race could be wrong in their defense of our entire species? how can our side be wrong in that? you sound like a pacifist who would much rather prefer to bow down to the will of the covenant and be massacared. i, for one, would rather die a battlefield death and be forever forgotten than be taken to be executed. "Return victorious, or do not return." -Mother of a Spartan hoplite. date unknown.
8:40 pm | August 14, 2003
Dude WTF..........you could have at least made a good story out of that starting material...but no, Frankie is already dead, therefore unable to recruit other grunts. Uass.
3:52 pm | August 14, 2003
History is written by the winners.
Da Mann
3:36 pm | August 14, 2003
D'oh! Good story. But it's sad. The other grunt defection stories were happy, but a little chaotic. Your abrupt end avoided this, and at the same time put forth a terrible fact of war, neither side is right, no matter how hard they try. Only one side wins and then it's the end.
12:41 pm | August 14, 2003
Stan, this was good...but it was really sad...
12:41 pm | August 14, 2003
Oh, and *Tears roll down cheek*

*Sniff* Poor Frank *Sniff*
11:56 am | August 14, 2003
*Tear rolls down cheek*