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Comments for 'Last Hope part 1'

The Aracation
12:54 am | July 28, 2002
ha even Jaywhit agrees with me.
10:06 pm | May 5, 2002
The story is fine except for "The Absolution" thing. Good plot and ideas, keep writing the fan fictions they're really good so far. Keep it up
2:06 am | May 3, 2002
Sorry there aracation, i didnt write the story to please little kids, especially the likes of you, and so far most of my stuff has been fresh so you can bite me, i dont see you posting stuff. stop wasting your time.
The Aracation
3:23 pm | May 2, 2002
You Suck "The Absolution" you totally ripped that from Toonami. Get some new ideas. try something that has not been done a thousand times before