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Comments for 'In The Beginning'

The British Commando
1:44 pm | April 9, 2002
Jehkoh, are you refering to everybody as 'nimwits', that's real hurtful :)Oh, and good story Kellen, looking forward to more!
7:59 pm | April 8, 2002
Never saw that trailer, so yeah - you were the only one, V. Lmao.
7:03 pm | April 8, 2002
Hey, thanks for the compliments.
6:07 am | April 8, 2002

Oh, hell yes.

:) Very sharp, great stuff good premise and clean execution.

The only problem is now, of course, I want to hear what happens next :)

Let me tell you a story.

The day we found out- it was summer on Mars.

Am I the only one who got a sudden flashback to the first "Halo: the Movie" trailer, with the music cut in the beginning as the camera flies up fast to the PoA...

1:57 am | April 8, 2002
Something I don't see in any other story. An actual set up, and just like war, politics and cover-ups are involved. Thank you Kellen for showing another actual facet of war and huamnity that the other nimwit "writers" haven't shown. Keep it up.