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Comments for 'Check Please, Part II- Teaser'

9:30 am | August 18, 2002

Speaking of that, Kellen, Halo 2's going to be out by the time you unveil :) And the universe will probably have closed. Not to rush you, or anything...

;) Nice. More.

5:53 pm | August 17, 2002
Well, this is intended to tease those people who've read Check Please, Part I. See. Anyway, want more tease? Go ask Vec how much work I've been putting into the back effort behind this next part. And I had to ask Louis about how big stories could be...>:)Anyway, enjoy.
5:47 pm | August 17, 2002
um, well, what can i say? it didn't really "tease" me to want more but it wasn't bad either.