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Comments for 'Check, please.'

9:27 pm | April 10, 2002
So, I enjoyed it. I guessed I'm space out, but when people summarize something, I'll describe it. When people elaborate, I'll summarize. But I can say this about your story. It was a good read. Something alot of these aren't. You'll have a strong series and following if you get this fucker on a roll. Good luck with the next one, Kell.
2:36 am | April 10, 2002

You beat me, at least :)

Been thinking of doing a siege of Earth story, but... well, now it'd be like following up on the Bible :P

The best part was the details and subtle backstory hints you kept slipping in, the sort of thing I do as well - that tantalize without shoving it down our craws, and make me hungry for more :)

1:21 am | April 10, 2002
Thanks for the compliment, Vec, but honestly- better than you? Nah.
1:21 am | April 10, 2002
Thanks for the compliment, Vec, but honestly- better than you? Nah.
1:12 am | April 10, 2002

Uh, Ryan?

Not in America :P

Anyway, Kellen...

Oh, screw "anyway." That was outstanding. A better story than I could have done.

Very nice. The title is a little flippant, but I guess that's your perogative :) Anyway, keep it up.


9:00 pm | April 9, 2002
Geez these are good I can't wait till the next one comes out. I can't see anything wrong with it
7:51 pm | April 9, 2002
Thanks once again for the compliments, guys, i really appreciate it. Makes me want to keep writing better stuff.I'm considering doing a sequel, but, I dunno yet.
6:43 pm | April 9, 2002
really like this story, great technique. Keep up the good work!
5:02 pm | April 9, 2002
I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!! You have to write 'Check, Please II'!! Better than most novels I've read!
3:54 pm | April 9, 2002
I haven't taken the time to read your story (Nothing personal, I'm pressed for time.) but, it should be noted that it's spelt "Cheque"; if your refering to a bank slip... If your refering to "Check" as in 'check your fly', then your fine.