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Comments for 'Present Horizon Part 1 - What Will Become...'

12:38 am | August 31, 2002
Installment number 4 will be out soon in the following parts44.14.24.3and 4.4Its a huge story. Sorry its takeing so long i have been writeing another book as well. I am also working on a Halo Based RPG almost like D&D for those pen and paper gamers
8:53 pm | May 30, 2002
Thanks,Sorry for the Mispellings I didnt proof read it.Oh i am working on the Battle scenarios It should be better in the fourth Installment there will be a huge battle. *Hint*
11:42 am | May 10, 2002
I like it. Work on some spelling, (the word is "cease" not "seise.") Be a little more detailed for your combat scenarios, not so statistical, but trust me that shit's good. Crank it out man.
7:35 pm | May 1, 2002
Please disreguard any spelling errors, I was typing it fast so.. Well hope you like it.