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Comments for 'The comedy parody (Yes, another comedy)'

Elite Zov
1:26 pm | May 12, 2004
Ok, some parts were really funny, but for the future, if you put me as a character(in any case)put me as an Elite, please? :)Thankx!
CoLd BlooDed
1:53 pm | May 5, 2004
Not really funny, but thanks for putting me into the story.
Slayer Boi
7:06 am | May 3, 2004
y don't i ever get 2 be a character :(
anyways, connie would be ripping into you soooo bad!!!
It was amusing in it's stupidity.
(make me into a character!)
someone that you dont know
9:05 pm | May 2, 2004
I know it isnt funny. But it is supposed to be funny even though it's not. I made the second part of the story, read it if you want to, I dont care. But dont expect to laugh, ive lost interest in this series and i just slapped together some words to complete part 2
Solidus Snake
7:17 pm | May 2, 2004
This wasn't funny.
MC's Cousin
4:57 pm | May 2, 2004
I agree with Nick on that one. Phew...at least I was not brutally insulted!

Signing Off

Nick Kang
4:21 pm | May 2, 2004
I'm not very amused...it wasn't very funny. The funniest part was where the Chief was yelling at thealarm clock, but keep tryin.