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Comments for 'A Child's Poem'

Hunter Killer
1:44 am | April 30, 2002
I just read it. I think it was ment to be disturbing.
tt abs
1:01 pm | April 2, 2002
it's okay, just a little disturbing.
2:41 am | March 7, 2002

Accepted. Just seems a little bit out of place.


1:02 am | March 7, 2002
In response to vector40, if everyone you know and love was brutally killed just because they were people, wouldn't that lead to a want for vengence? Plus, emotional scars are a bit more difficult to deal with than physical scars (I just know a lot about psychology). Also, you might want to thing about "child" as a mental thing, not a physical thing.
5:26 am | March 6, 2002

Nice, indeed... innovation is always good. But... well, what kind of child writes like this? :)


2:48 am | March 5, 2002
8:55 pm | March 4, 2002
nice SkyRyan, all your poems are good...keep em coming...