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Comments for 'Perfect Opposition-part 1'

1:12 am | August 9, 2002
who cares, i don't i was half-asleep. I screw up at spelling around 3 am
Louis Wu
3:39 pm | August 8, 2002
Send the Word file, then.Many ff writers do that - I match the end product to look like the Word doc looks (with the exception of font face).
10:28 am | August 8, 2002
cant make paragraphs cuz in Microsoft Word it screws it up
8:36 pm | August 7, 2002
LOL your one word is spelled wrong nice and slow G R A M M A R... lol
8:31 pm | August 7, 2002
One word grammer, everything else is ok. You need to make paragraphs. I like the idea but it just seems familar in some odd, distant, weird way. Keep the idea going