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Comments for 'A Fresh Start, part 1'

5:59 am | December 22, 2002
Errors hardly matter... It's the story that does... So fine work so far, I will lread the second part now... Whic is good, I don't read series that suck...
Simon James
5:33 pm | December 11, 2002
Thanks for your positive comments and for that other idiot, I only just read "Fall of Reach" so shut yo face!
8:30 pm | December 10, 2002
A few spelling errors here and there, but other wise a good story.
the spartans were trained at age 6
2:35 am | December 10, 2002
2:06 am | December 10, 2002
Well at least one of us did. Keep trying and try to proof read your stories beefore submitting. I know I get excited and don't want to either but you really need to.
2:24 pm | December 9, 2002
I like this series so far. Keep it up!