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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 8: Infiltration Gone Wrong'

11:13 am | July 16, 2002
Hey Arch, all I have to say is that you're on to something...
10:12 pm | July 15, 2002
It's true.... Maybe, however, Shadow is kept for interrogation or something. Saved by Kroeger in the medbay or someodd. Maybe he's a Spartan! Yeah, that's it! He's another forgotten Spartan, and that's why he's the best!
9:59 pm | July 15, 2002
It was just an idea plus kroager owes shadow.
9:09 pm | July 15, 2002
Hey 415, why would you think Kroeger trun on the Sparatns?
11:15 am | July 15, 2002
But of course he does! What do you expect? This is SHADOW we're talking about! He's the best of the best! He'll make it out alive.
5:13 am | July 15, 2002
yipeee. shadow now has a sucessful fan club that is involved enough to debate the future, oooooooo la la. My work here is done. Ps: LA Hobos get $300 a month in taxpayer money for doing nothing, that's more than my semester allowance! What is Terra coming too? (that's why saturn's the best).
2:18 am | July 15, 2002
Ha, you're both wrong! It's much more intruiging than that.
1:53 am | July 15, 2002
Kroager is about to kill shadow but then remembers how he saved kroager and the renegades lives so he turns on the spartans and helps shadow get away.
12:48 am | July 15, 2002
Lemme guess...the Covenant burst in, the Sparatns take the Covenant out, creating a distraction for Shadow to escape. Shadow, post if I'm right.
Knightmare Wolf
12:34 am | July 15, 2002
*Laughs* thats what my french teacher always says,,,
12:16 am | July 15, 2002
Ah, but not without help (hint, hint)
10:15 pm | July 14, 2002
maybe now they'll interrogate him and slaughter him mercilessly, but that would'nt be right. He assasinates his way to safety!
10:10 pm | July 14, 2002
[in a pleading voice] Damn it.
9:05 pm | July 14, 2002
maybe, but the black just means he fell unconcious.
7:39 pm | July 14, 2002
does his vision going black mean something bad's gonna happen? I like it very much.
7:10 pm | July 14, 2002
Yes, they're the enemies. The past events between them doesn't matter. He's trespassing, and they're trying to stop him.
6:07 pm | July 14, 2002
Ok...it kinda seems like the Spartans and Kroeger are the enemies. It SEEMS. Nevertheless, it's suh-weet.
Knightmare Wolf
5:56 pm | July 14, 2002
hmm, maybe some more editing in one to three sposts, other than that I think you've got it down, dont leave us hanging for too long now