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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 7: The Desert'

Cryo 2
10:15 pm | July 10, 2002
Very good.
Cultivated Human
7:39 pm | July 10, 2002
Suh-weet, Shadow.
Knightmare Wolf
9:03 am | July 10, 2002
naaw, shadow's a professional discreet badass assassin. lol, theres my vote
4:46 am | July 10, 2002
Damn good story I was wondering when kroger was gonna come back in. I see this time u've added spartans very nice. Nice way to make the realization of nuclear war so damn weird and empty. But one thing i was wondering if you kill the guards, wouldn't it set off the hornets nest.Any way nice one and I can't wait for you next one, Keep It up
7:55 pm | July 9, 2002
Besides, he's a lefty. :)
Knightmare Wolf
5:06 pm | July 9, 2002
I think I saw that, not what I meant, he still had to fire off the grappel thing right? I suppose though, thats no matter cuz he coulda shot it anywhere even with that arm lol.. My bad.
3:36 pm | July 9, 2002
Well, Knightmare, that's why he placed the gun on the sand to steady his aim.
Archangels Blade
11:58 am | July 9, 2002
It's good. Very good. Always need Spartans to make a HALO series, don't we? Anyways... There's a couple of minor grammatical errors in this one, like saying "many numerous dunes". The two first words mean the exact same thing! Other than small things like that, it's great! Keep them coming!
Knightmare Wolf
11:56 am | July 9, 2002
I only noticed a few errors, although one thing i cant ease off is that, when he got fragmaents embedded in his arm, he tears them out, the pain would still be there methinks? Accuracy and performance would be reduced slightly in even the hardiest of individuals. Great story nonetheless, nice job on this one, your best yet.
11:53 am | July 9, 2002
great story man. I was waiting for Kroeger to come into the picture cause Shadow and Kroager are just destined to like............fight side by side. Better make the next one better.
12:16 am | July 9, 2002
10:26 pm | July 8, 2002
very nice........................but why o why o why do u leave me here wondering what the hell well happen next.....i think u starting to like torchering poor saps like me......leaving me hang wonder what's going to happen next..............great story u got here,,,,,,,
9:52 pm | July 8, 2002
Holy s***, man. That was cool. I can't believe it. I thought Kroeger was dead. Very suh-weet. No mistakes, seriously.