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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 5: Expected Betrayals'

Archangels Blade
7:33 pm | July 5, 2002
Knightmare Wolf is right on some things. I've run over my stories after posting, and found several things that i thought i had taken out, but missed. They really can get you sometimes. Great story, Shadow, but maybe a little more work with the arrangement of words could add a teensy bit more....
4:03 pm | July 3, 2002
Hehe, I appreciate the comments guys, I appreciate it Knightmare.
Knightmare Wolf
3:43 pm | July 3, 2002
I know that dude, Shadow is an awesome writer, comes out with excellent work all the time, but as i have said everey story needs improvment.Including kick ass stories like the ones in this series. Things like that one thing that i had quoted sound a little odd, they do indeed detract from a good story, since many other xombinations of words could have been used. I'm not trying to direct other people's stories, I just try to help everyone out with their stories, i admit tho that i'm not always right, but this time i really believe it could have been better, feel free to do the same with me! :).
1:53 pm | July 3, 2002
[In response to the password comment]: That's ok. It was just a thought that crossed my mind.
1:46 pm | July 3, 2002
Another great chapter to an already great series. Wolf, your descrption[I know my spelling sucks]. It was there because ol' Shadow wants detail. I mean would you like to read a story with awesome action but with bland detail. Heck no![I'm not being rude to you though, Wolf.]
2:45 am | July 3, 2002
Good job Shadow a few small mistakes but nothing big. keep em' comin'!!!
3:52 pm | July 2, 2002
Wow...its been a while since ive read one of your stories Shadow, and i msut say this is extremely well righten...the best story if read of yours...well done..
Knightmare Wolf
3:48 pm | July 2, 2002
Nice Shadow, you had a good story there! The only things I noticed right off the bat were small things like:"A rocket clipped his wing and ran right into the building behind him. He could feel the immense heat of the rocket exploding on the building behind him"Be careful with those they can really get you when you edit, and miss them. Plus, they detract from a great story, I hate it when that happens because you're a good writer