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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 4: The Delay'

Archangels Blade
10:50 pm | July 1, 2002
very, very nice. I have to agree with Knightmare Wolf on the hero business. I like this. He sorta reminds me of my character, Michael Sheener in the fact that he's not untouchable or invincible. I like that. A hero can't always be the good guy you know from those pansy tv shows. This series, and its predecessor, rock this section of HBO.
11:31 am | July 1, 2002
Nike, I never thought to actually think of passwords for the fanfiction. Lol, sorry.
Knightmare Wolf
6:48 pm | June 30, 2002
Nothing I can see, I just kinda skimmed so theres my petty excuse for not being constructive! :)The execution of the events was awesome, though it almost always is with you isn't it? "Realistic" too, since the hero isn't all "action hero win every time". Good job.
2:18 pm | June 30, 2002
This is awesome. It souns just like a movie. I'm just curious but[if you replie Shadow] what were the passwords for Parts 3&4. Just curious, ya know.
11:35 am | June 30, 2002
hey im a long time fan you write well heh very good series you have runnign here keep it up i cant wait for the next one