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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 3: More Than He Bargained For'

Archangels Blade
10:24 pm | July 1, 2002
Man, that was awesome, as usual. Keep that up. Definately keep that up. And obviously, shootme45 is jumpy, so don't worry about telling us that, Pablo.
9:29 pm | June 30, 2002
love your stories, some grammer mistakes all in all good story.
8:56 pm | June 29, 2002
somebody needs to shoot shootme45.
3:43 am | June 28, 2002
Good story I waz confused at first because I never read Renegade but it makes sense now. you will have to forgive "shootme45" he is my friend in real life and can get jumpy real fast. So keep writing and I will keep reading.
2:54 am | June 28, 2002
Shadow i understood that, i could tell from the way you were writing about it.
6:29 pm | June 27, 2002
Well, to answer DVD's question, there is no set time in which this happened. The situation of Renegade Marines (which was my other series) occurred a few years after the fall of Halo, and this story here falls in about 3-5 years after the RM series. So I'm saying no more than 10 years later. And to answer Knightmare, Travion is no Shadow's boss, just an employer of the time. And he leaves a pool of blood because first, no one is going to dare go into an alley that has blood coming out of it, and two, the police don't bother with the alleys of the city cause they seemed to be losing too many men by those investigations. I thought I made those reasons clear, but I guess I screwed up in that spot.
5:35 pm | June 27, 2002
Ok, i havent read this yet, (first time ive been here).. wat time is this set in relation to 2552? i will read it and im sure it'll be good :D (yea soz ppl im new)
Knightmare Wolf
1:24 pm | June 27, 2002
Sorry to bother you in this way I think its just... Well, he's the best Assassin currently living and he leaves a pool of blood and several dead bodies in an alley? His "Boss's" alley? etc. I think that you are one of the best writers of fanfic for halo, your stories are usually good, you're descriptive, and your characters actually have depth.You seem to have a positive attitude and everything but be careful with it (Your Story), otherwise you can really mess it up.
1:32 am | June 27, 2002
The story is fine in all, i love it. There are a couple grammer mistakes but in all its fine. Don't worry i think its going good.
1:24 am | June 27, 2002
Sorry man.
Knightmare Wolf
12:16 am | June 27, 2002
Hey watch it Shadow, the story is still good, but its getting a little sloppy.
12:12 am | June 27, 2002
Sorry dood, I'm leading up to the story, relax.
9:41 pm | June 26, 2002
y in the hell do you keep torchering me with all the wondering,,,,what's going to happen next,,,will he die,,,will he live,,,will he be betrated,,,plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!i can't stand it