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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 23: Plans'

10:23 pm | September 4, 2002
Good God, you had me scared there for a second, Shadow! *states calmly and in cheery-sounding voice* you bail and i'll hunt you down and kill you.
1:15 pm | September 4, 2002
I'll probably use the same setting...where humans are getting their ass totally wrecked by the Covenant...but I'll twist it...hehe...
1:53 am | September 4, 2002
Im sure if he made a new one, it would be good, but really Shadow, dont make a new series that parrallels this one. I'd love to see if you can do something different. good luck!
12:48 am | September 4, 2002
Shadow...Great series, and this is the only way you can end it. I've been reading fan fic for a while now, but this is the best of them. I dont know what your storyline would be for a possible new series, but if you do write one...I'm with it all the way
3:56 pm | September 3, 2002
Lol Arch, no I meant that it might be my last solitary writing. Our joint writing has nothing to do with that. I'm with you on MM all the way through man.
3:41 pm | September 3, 2002
you aren't forgetting about the MM, are you Shadow? you leave, i'll hunt you down and poke you to death with forks! after all that adapting of storylines, you'd better stay!
2:53 pm | September 3, 2002
Aww damn, you guys! Don't make me feel bad! Oh well, and James I will take a looksee at your series and tell you what I think. Perhaps this is my last series here, and I'm not sure about making another one. If any of you have any opinions, post them here or email me at Shadowolf16@aol.com. I'm still in the midst of deciding whether a new series is appropriate or not.
The Sniper
5:22 am | September 3, 2002
man if shadow dies i think im gonna huddle up in a corner, and cry myself to sleep for 3 days feeding on candy bars and sniper rifles....
2:18 am | September 3, 2002
Whoa twist ending, great i think, hey gimme a opinion on my stories i wirite the Unexpected Surprises series , im a long time admireer of your work so i just wan a little thought on mine well i cant wait for that last story, gonna be good
1:44 am | September 3, 2002
well he's keeping his word by ending it on the 24th part. And my philosiphy of last parts is they either die or get married lol.
5:56 pm | September 2, 2002
This is what i think, the next part is gonna be awsome, i think the next part is going to be the last cause that what it seems like. This part was good. I can't wait for the next one
5:56 pm | September 2, 2002
What>!>!!>!>>!>!!>You can't kill shadow off. He is me hero! Well lets hope he goes out honorably in the last chapter of the series.I salute you Shadow