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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 22: The Battle They'll Never Forget'

2:56 am | September 6, 2002
I've only begun reading fan fictions, but I must say that this story was beautifully written.
5:47 pm | September 2, 2002
GEBBBBB!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOO!!!Wonder who is going to lead the dark wolves now? Maybe shadow. And what happened to cal?
The Sniper
12:20 pm | September 1, 2002
This one was so touching it made me cry....
12:48 pm | August 31, 2002
Actually, James. Kroeger has no part in this series any longer. And probably not in my next one either. He his his stride at the end of "The Renegade Marines". Sorry. :(
12:16 pm | August 31, 2002
damn good story. This was a really good one. I never expected the covies to retreat. I can't wait for the next one. Good Job
5:22 am | August 31, 2002
*they're good
4:46 am | August 31, 2002
Nice ending and kick ass story. I usually read your stories and think their good but I liked this one the best recently. I think there was less profanity in this one (slightly) which I like also.
3:21 am | August 31, 2002
hey man nice, wow big twist, where is kroger though, he has to have a big role in this, i knwo it heh sorry if i ruind it for anyone but have a feeling hes comming into the picture soon
Witch Hunter
2:51 am | August 31, 2002
Shadow your the answer to our prayers. Please keep the storys coming!