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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 21: Reinforcements Have Arrived'

11:54 am | August 29, 2002
i liked it, but like the others, yeah i was hoping for mass Spartan bloodshed. oh well, it was still good. keep it up Shadow!
3:02 am | August 29, 2002
yah, yay for Shadow.
12:59 am | August 29, 2002
Very nice, I too thought that they would do something to the Spartan IIs. Oh well better luck next time. Nice work i can't wait for the next one.
10:12 pm | August 28, 2002
Damnit, i thought shadow was serioiusly about to shoot John. I wished he would've. The fu89ng betrayer, ohhhhh errrrrr i am retarted because all i do is follow orders. I think your next story is going to be the best story yet in this whole fan fic. At least i hope it is. Shadow is me hero
9:11 pm | August 28, 2002
i was hoping one of the SPARTANs would get shot for that shit; but oh well what can you do?