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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 20: Making Choices'

6:30 pm | August 28, 2002
I started to read your seies at part 15, and I finally read the first one, I had no idea Shadow was a chineese dude, cool!
6:03 pm | August 28, 2002
you have a point there.
Shadow's shadow
6:02 pm | August 28, 2002
On Star Craft, The Ion Cannon was enormous!
4:50 pm | August 28, 2002
Ah, but there will be a big explosion, and there will be a bloodbath...you just wait.
3:52 pm | August 28, 2002
WHAAAAAAAAT?? no big guns? damn! i was hoping for some mass destruction in your last battle! lol i guess all we can do is sit back and hope for a bloodbath now....
3:02 pm | August 28, 2002
No, the Ion Cannon is out of the story. No Ion Cannon. They wouldn't risk going back into the city.
1:55 pm | August 28, 2002
what if the Ion Cannon is small? What then? We could use.... Aha! melted down MJOLNIR!
11:29 am | August 28, 2002
clever... Shadow's shadow... mwuaahaha
Shadow's shadow
2:45 am | August 28, 2002
like...The Ion cannon? The Ion cannon is big!
1:24 am | August 28, 2002
No, I won't torment you people anymore with the city. It's onto something a bit more...BIG!!!
10:46 pm | August 27, 2002
Shadow's shadow
9:59 pm | August 27, 2002
hmm mabye he'll find a spare beacon for the ion cannon!
9:43 pm | August 27, 2002
Are they going to go back for the ion cannon beacon or what?? I can't believe they left all that weaponary there! I THOUGHT Shadow was smarter than that! Only 4 more chapters!!! THis is going to be one long ass mofoing fight!
11:00 am | August 27, 2002
well I thought it was good, and I can twait for the next one!
8:13 pm | August 26, 2002
Very interesting, i can't wsit for the next one. Nice work Shadow
7:21 pm | August 26, 2002
what a complicated choice... But hey, go Shadow.