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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 19: New York...It's Getting So Old'

2:24 pm | August 26, 2002
hmm. low on the 'mula'? don't you mean 'moola'? lol you don't pay with farm animals! anyways, pretty nice, but yeah, it is starting to 'get old'. why don't you combine chapters, make it shorter, and hence, less annoying to wait for? it was good, otherwise. and it was just a suggestion.
9:54 pm | August 25, 2002
Some of the dropped mercandise will probably prove difficult for them. Anyways interesing story. Good Job
9:18 pm | August 25, 2002
Oh yes, losing the Ion cannon will prove to be an enormous problem
8:04 pm | August 25, 2002
Man I wish they didnt drop that ion cannon beacon. Anyways, it was a good story, but was a little short.