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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 18: Home'

9:30 pm | August 23, 2002
umm in answer to shadow's question MAOMC is my comedy fan fic: Mis-adventures of Master Chief! :) well I guess you learn something new everyday now dontchya?
8:08 pm | August 23, 2002
I already finished the story. It has ended on chapter 24. I just haven't had the time to release all the chapters yet.
7:03 pm | August 23, 2002
Shadow man... you have a great story here. I've read most of your posts, and this story is by far one of your best yet. My only question is "When will it end?"
2:26 am | August 23, 2002
Well, technically, they're advanced media files compressed into one small disk about a quarter the size of a floppy, but yea, a CD would be the jist of it. And what does MAOMC mean?
10:12 pm | August 22, 2002
so the music in the game that is in parentheses is coming from Shadows CD player?(ooh this is good MAOMC material lol)
9:23 pm | August 22, 2002
Oh, I'm not going so far with the Geb thing. Mutiny is nothing I have in plan...the team is too tight for that. :)
7:03 pm | August 22, 2002
hey im a long time fan of yours, heh the story is nice very well put together though this is a wierd /interesting twist in this i mean i knew there would be mutany but like this ? whoa its pretty good man kep it up
6:43 pm | August 22, 2002
I think Geb is going to turn on the Dark Wolves. He doesn't sounds like one of them now anymore. And that dman Kroeger!! He is with the government!!I know it! Hopefully Shadow will be able to stop him.......Interesting, Very Interesting
4:50 pm | August 22, 2002
Yes... Interesting.
4:26 pm | August 22, 2002
Nice this is getting interesing, very interesting.