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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 16: Abandoned Allies'

5:18 am | August 20, 2002
YOU CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!! :Evil Laugh: GHAHAH! :Dr. Evil Laugh: "So there."
5:17 am | August 20, 2002
Hey diablo.... Bad news.... Its gonna be in this fanfi whether you like it or not and.. :(
2:45 am | August 20, 2002
dude that was not cool when you started singing 'Down with the Sickness'. dude thats on MY fan fic lol
1:28 am | August 19, 2002
Impressive man, I would love to see it all thrown into a collection so I don't have to reread the back ones and instead just read all at once, good job
9:09 pm | August 18, 2002
Well, he used the grappling hook to ease his fall, which put most of the pressure on his arms, which were in real pain when he landed. And the Covenant don't play much of a part in this series...YET
4:59 pm | August 18, 2002
*And live.* Forgot to add that.
4:57 pm | August 18, 2002
Dang 40 stories high...sheet, man. Still I don't think someone in real life could fall a distance like that. I don't think a Spartan can live that but that's my opinion. Plus, where's the Covenant? Still, I liked it, not too shabby.
11:44 am | August 18, 2002
All I can say is wow!! I haven't read the previous chapters to Rise of Honour but that one blew me away!!!! Your a great writer! If you want you could help me out?
1:35 am | August 18, 2002
still those grammatical errors... gah! Nice story, although in my personal opinion the last one was more entertaining (last part of this series that you wrote)
9:12 pm | August 17, 2002
WOW! So everyone is going rogue on each other. Hmmmmmm.....wonder what kroeger is thinking of. That bastard! I hope that shadow and the rest get out all right. Keep em coming please!!!!!
8:18 pm | August 17, 2002
Hmmm. Well I'm willing to read it over when you finish it, and give you some pointers if you wish.
2:45 pm | August 17, 2002
Help me out as in I'm also trying to write a story, its called short story (rly imaginative) but I could use a proper writers help!!
12:39 pm | August 17, 2002
Help you out in what? I might, but I'm sort of a lone wolf when it comes to these things. Email me at Shadowolf16@aol.com if you want me to do something for you.