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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 15: Infiltration...Again'

7:30 pm | August 16, 2002
Any other questions or comments before I release my next chapter?
12:48 pm | August 15, 2002
i've kinda grown attached to the *GE*GE*GE*GE* thing.... excellent work Shadow, except for one major error. You said that one of the Spartans (James?) was blasted but good in the stomach. If it managed to do as much damage as you said it did, then he wouldn't have survived the sprint to the elevator, much less the pelican. he would have bled out long before then, because movement increases blood flow. anyways, keep an eye out for things like that. oh yeah, and keep it up, Shadow, you rule!
3:05 am | August 15, 2002
oooh hot debate on the *GE*GE*GE*GE*GE* thing goin on. I think I dont like it, because the sound it would make would be annoying, lol. the *PHEW* *BOOM* isnt bad, but I think the reader can depict whats going on anyways.
1:06 am | August 15, 2002
I kinda like the *GE* *GE* *GE* shit... Gives you a general idea what the gun sounds like, plus the rate of fire and the lenghth of the burst
Spartan III
12:25 am | August 15, 2002
I loved it. It is the first thing I check when I come to this site. To see if there are any more "Rise to Honor" chapters.
5:29 pm | August 14, 2002
I have to agree with everyone. I liked the story and a few small errors plus I wasn't very fond of that *GE*GE*GE*GE*GE* thing either but all in all it was good.
4:42 pm | August 14, 2002
QUE ASCO! well it was good, but I'm not fond of all the *GE*GE*GE*GE*GE* crap going on.
12:41 am | August 13, 2002
I saw one or two small errors, and yes it does do that to you i was excited the whole time! GREAT JOB on this one!
8:53 pm | August 12, 2002
Lots of continuous action, kept me at the edge of my seat. I like it.