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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 12: Let The Party Begin'

3:16 am | August 2, 2002
silent killer is right you better continue this series.
Silent Killer
3:05 am | August 2, 2002
I love this series! All i have to say is that u better continue it. Great song choice.
2:47 pm | August 1, 2002
Truly excellent! You rule Shadow!!
11:29 am | August 1, 2002
Damn good story, i love the style of music and choice of song. Not the band i would of picked but...... oh never mind keep it up.
11:00 am | August 1, 2002
Yes, I agree, I'm becoming more and more sloppy with my stories. I rarely check them over, for I'm pressed for time with my own personal site I'm working on.
10:51 pm | July 31, 2002
knights right but nonetheless good story. and nice song choice
Knightmare Wolf
9:30 pm | July 31, 2002
good story, many small errors, take your time with it the next uh... time. Nice song choice tho!