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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 11: Back In The City'

12:23 am | July 30, 2002
another great addition to a great series. Couple of mistakes in there and i can't really see kelly saying the enhanced thing either.
1:35 am | July 28, 2002
great story ... though i cant see Kelly saying that last line , that she is enhaced and Geb isnt .... it just doesnt seem like a spartan ... maybe its just me but, well awsome story keep it comming
11:15 am | July 27, 2002
lol just dont combine with me or ill make your story a joke, (literally a joke) unless you want it to be a comedy, then im your man!
1:06 am | July 27, 2002
Well, I started out as a major player in the big Halo fanfiction story, but I sort of dropped out of the scene there.
10:53 pm | July 26, 2002
Shadow, you arguably the best story writer of the last couple pages, your stories have a great plot and maybe you should read some stories around and ask the authors if they wanna combine stories or something and make it the best one out yet!!!
5:13 pm | July 26, 2002
Kick Ass Story, i love ur stories they are really good. I really unterstand the story, keep it up
5:11 pm | July 26, 2002
Excellent! That was awesome! No major errors, except the stuff that Sarge could spend 45 minutes finding, and one hell of a story. You are definately one of the best, Shadow.