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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 10: Reunion'

11:35 am | July 24, 2002
Nice story, very good part. I can't wait for the next part. Keep It Up
9:23 pm | July 23, 2002
Whatever, Arch, whatever.
8:26 pm | July 23, 2002
Now that's Nike for ya! Never really cares much, does he?
9:27 pm | July 22, 2002
9:12 pm | July 21, 2002
Yea, the he/she thing I"ll try to fix...but I think that the language helps to detail the story just right.
9:02 pm | July 21, 2002
I know that but I'm talking about your whole serious. You use "fuck" to much is all I'm saying. And the "he/she" I forgot to mention.
5:54 pm | July 21, 2002
To answer Nike's idea, I must say that the language may not necissarily add to the storyline itself, but it does help the story in a number of ways. First, the language helps to portray the characters correctly. If you want a baddass character, you can't have him saying sissy words or it just won't fit in, and the detail of the story goes down the hill. And the second reason to show the outlook of the group in general, and how they look at the war and everything like that.
5:53 pm | July 21, 2002
The he she thing i noticedbut this idea was good, I like how u brought the friends back.
4:51 pm | July 21, 2002
VERY good. However, there's a good number of he-she mixups, where you got them backwards. I enjoyed it, though, and i like the ideas that went into this.
4:37 pm | July 21, 2002
Very good but don't use so much language. Does it make the story better? No, it doesn't.