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Comments for 'Rise To Honor - Part 1: A Bounty Hunter's Life'

8:06 pm | July 7, 2002
Ya wolfie me too. A bird doesn't have a tounge, though. Blade: right. Jay10: Right. PF: wrong. Potato Flood, get a life, eat yer own s***, and stick yer head up yer a**.
Knightmare Wolf
12:48 pm | June 21, 2002
IKNOW THE DIFFERENCE BEWEEN A BIRD AND A SHOE! Really, I do! A shoe has a tongue and so does a bird!
Knightmare Wolf
2:51 am | June 20, 2002
Nice job on the story!!! Keep it up, you rock!
Archangels Blade
11:24 am | June 18, 2002
He's the total idiot who can't tell the diff between a bird and a shoe, or HBO and a porn site for that matter.
Potato Flood
11:35 am | June 16, 2002
fuck me hard... oooh yeah.. hey get that outta there!
5:54 am | June 16, 2002
Do u just want to piss everyone off Potato Flood??? or are you just a complete and total idiot who can't tell the difference between a bird and a shoe.
12:16 am | June 15, 2002
This is the kind of series i have been waiting to read. Good one, Keep it Up
3:12 pm | June 14, 2002
Can't wait for the next one.
Archangels Blade
2:54 pm | June 14, 2002
VERY nice! A good idea, to continue your old series in a new one! Keep it up, as this REALLY caught my attention!