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Comments for 'The Renegade Marines Part IX - The Base'

11:24 am | April 6, 2002
makes sense. what everybody said is true.hmmm..... i wonder about part 10, hmmm...
11:42 am | April 4, 2002
It's a great story!! Plz keep writing! P.S. ever thought of introducing some new enemy type?? like some Black ?Elites or somthing??
2:36 am | April 4, 2002
Its good and he doesn't really have to add anything its good without it
2:31 am | April 3, 2002
what do ya mean its not good? that was awesome....almost 50 golden elites, it was perfect! it was bittersweet! it was sick! i could see it like a movie! hordes of golden elites appearing almost out of nowhere to... swords, plasma, and pulse fire blazing everywhere...damn that was rich!
3:29 am | March 31, 2002
damn thats one hell of an ambush i say
1:57 am | March 31, 2002
It might not be good, I dunno...but I tried pretty hard, and tried to make it a good, desperate battle feel.-shadow