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Comments for 'The Renegade Marines Part II - The Revolt'

10:48 pm | March 11, 2002
The story is great and I love everything about it except how the government wants to kill them. Dam that gov must be stupid as hell trying to kill marines that are trying to save mankind.
1:11 am | March 8, 2002
I like this seires i love sniping its getting really good i just hope someone reads my story when it comes out dont think of it bad its new KEEP THE STORIES COMING <("<)(>")>(<">)<(")><("^)(^")>(^"^)
9:00 pm | March 4, 2002
This series rocks. Shadow is cool Keep them coming.
7:11 pm | March 4, 2002
very good, love Shadow....especially since i specialize in Sniping...keep em coming...