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Comments for 'The Invasion of the NOOBS (part 1)'

6:12 pm | July 20, 2004
oh man, i want to be a part of this fanfiction, I want to kick spanish spartan's ass, messing up the comments for my fic. I liked the story, it was funny, it was action packed, and most of all, n00bs were bieng destroyed.

2:38 pm | July 20, 2004
He was part of the plot, if only loosely, according to Ronald Lewin; he did not know its entire extent.

As for the bodyguard issue, Rommel had the authority to do anything that was a direct order of the Fuhrer. This was one of those things.

It's not my word you should be taking, it's the word of Ronald Lewin, accomplished military historian who is the author of several such books on individual generals.

Long live Helmuth Hubner!

Dave Luck
6:16 pm | July 19, 2004
I did a project on the Blitzkrieg during Grade 10 last semester.

I also tried it while playing Warcraft III.

It works well, it's effective, but I just don't like its shady background.

Well, it shows anti-semitism never pays. I wonder why we use these minor differences to draw each other apart like the chaff from the grain...

- Dave.
Solidus Snake
1:51 am | July 19, 2004
Goddamn these comments.
5:31 pm | July 18, 2004

Think how cool it would've been if Rommel and Patton were on the same team. (Allies). Instead of the showman Montgomery.
Private Severian O. Urth
11:38 am | July 18, 2004
The american armor just sucked ass compared to the german counterparts. Their tank's cannons couldn't penetrate the German's thick steel shells, and since American tanks ran of gas, they caught on fire 'very' quickly.

I can't put anyone in, sorry, although if you don't mind being a faceless goon with just a name attached who kills several thousand n00bs with a suicide nuke attack, just saw AYE!

Until part 3, that is.
11:11 am | July 18, 2004
Damn it! The thing won't work on my browser. Guess it'll have to wait...

Cheers, people!
10:44 am | July 18, 2004
I'm actually not that sure about Hitler's attempt to buy him over though I'll take your word for it since he's that type of guy.

One thing though, are you sure about him commanding Hitler's body guards? Rommel was part of the normal Wermacht, and not the SS. He should never had had the authority to command any part of them. Much less the Liebstandarte.

In regards to why ANYONE would follow an ass like Hitler, remember, Germany had been pinned with the guilt of World War I. Hitler happened to rise as a very popular figure. Rommel does deserve lots of credit for not liking his fuhrer to the end, though. I don't know about him actually being part of the conspiracy, sicne as I read it in "Steel Inferno: I SS Panzer Corps in Normandy", two generals showed up at his home and gave him said option, die with honor, etc. but he was never actually part of the plot.

I can't be absolutely sure since I didn't actually read the whole book or do any thorough research of it for school. But at the time, the concentration camps weren't public knowledge, persecution of the Jewish people had been pretty common in the past, and all such stuff that we now know made Hitler all the worse. To his staff and his country, Hitler was just a political leader.

So I guess we break even. ^_^; Looking over my points, it's pretty much what you said.

And the extra info on his service record sound right, I think. I am not that familiar with his prowess in the Great War, only that he made one hell of an Infantry Captain and his troops showed it. I thought he fought in France...but the mountain fighters do sound very familiar.

Together we stand,

PS. If I can get the damn submission form to work, I'll put in the prologue of my first ever submission. Check it out and we'll continue the discussion there or something. This is fun. I won't be back until about the second week of August, though. Summer camp.
2:38 am | July 18, 2004
Now I must outright disagree, Berconius. I find it extremely difficult to believe a man of Rommel's moralistic and upstanding character could respect the scum of the Earth, a crazed dictator of, to say the least, unstable mental condition.

"It might, therefore, be useful as a background to the rest of this study to define here Rommel's attitude towards the society in which he lived and for which he fought in the two World Wars. He was a patriot: country counted for him more than any individual creed. He was never a Nazi; indeed, he increasingly deplored Nazism and its manifestations. It is important to establish this fact firmly, for Rommel's allegiance has often been misunderstood, and from the time to time he is referred to as if he was a committed party man. He was not. Such allegations owe much to the efforts of Goebbels and his machine in their exploitation of Rommel's African victories for propoganda purposes, suggesting that they were won by a member of the Nazi 'old guard'. They were fabrications. Even in the 'thirties Rommel was capable of takind as firm a stand against the SA and the SS as he did against the latter's excesses in Italy and France during 1943 and 1944.

Nor could he be bought. Hitler tried to purchase Rommel, as he successfully bought other officers in the German Army, by offering him an estate. Rommel refused to be caught by a dictator's ploy as old as the Roman empire: Gibbon observes of Caracalla that 'the vigor of the soldiers, instead of being confirmed by severe discipline of camp, melted away in the luxury of cities. The excessive increase of their pay and donations exhausted the state to enrich the military order, whose modesty in peace, and service in war, is best secured by an honorable poverty.'

The acid test in regard to Rommel and Nazism is the decision by the men who organised the July 1944 plot against Hitler to replace the Fuhrer by Rommel as head of the German state. This was a matter of life or death. Though in many ways the plotters fumbled and mismanaged, it is hardly conceivable that they would have selected rommel for such a function had they thought him to be tainted by suspicion of subservience to, or sympathy with, Nazism... He failed to see the truth about Hitler even when he commanded the Fuhrer's bodyguard during the invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland. But when the truth dawned, later in the war, his reaction was uncompromising and his death was the consequence. On this his record stands."

-Excerpt from "Rommel as Military Commander" by Ronald Lewin

After reading the book I have come to understand that Rommel was not involved in the assassination plot, but he was involved in the conspiracy, and was prepared to take over when the Fuhrer died... how he died was not Rommel's concern, he was only there to save the Fatherland.

Yours respectfully in defeat (and a small victory),


PS: To add on to your insight into Rommel's WWI record, Rommel was an officer of mountain-fighters in the Great War, the Wurttembergische Gebirgsbataillon, in which he won the Iron Cross Class II, Iron Cross Class I, and the Pour le Merite, the equivalent of the Victoria Cross.
2:00 am | July 18, 2004
Like I say, Rommel was a rocking man, general, and his troops were right in being fanatically devoted to him. He's the reason Omaha beach took five hours for us to take.

But I'm standing by Him not wanting to kill Hitler. Heck, Hitler took a liking towards him. Might've been his work as an infantry captain in the First World War. It wasn't until the end that Rommel fell from favor. He was next in line to lead Germany if Hitler had been assasinated. In which case, further praise to him, he would've dismantled the concentration camps.

Great man, though he did have great respect towards his Fuhrer. Second to his country of course.

Interesting fact, his wife's birthday was June 6th. This was the reason why he was away at the beginning of the Normandy invasion.
12:18 am | July 18, 2004
Here's the roster for the next part...

Nick K.
Opening Act(for the last time... sob)
STYDK (I have a lame joke about ur name... hee hee)
GLADIATRRR3000(again, a convenient name for his part)
russ687(convenient name for your part)
CoLd BlooDed (only a little part)
mr. bill

That's all for that part... I'll add more peple on the part after this one, because I need to write about a big, giant-ass battle between the diabolical sausage machine's n00blings and the HBO army.
12:18 am | July 18, 2004
I've never heard that before, Berconius. I'm sure it's a viable possibility, but just as some German general in the film Patton felt it was ridiculous that the Americans would sack their best general for slapping a soldier, I have to think "now that's just stupid." But I could undersrtand the motive...

Nevertheless, I don't beleive it. I've read much on Rommel, and that idea has never come up, not even in "Rommel as Military Commander" by some guy. Rommel tried to kill Hitler, and so I say and stand up to be counted.

MC's Cousin
12:07 am | July 18, 2004
"I always thought you'd be taller..."

"Heh, everyone says that, though most of them look up."

"So are you a Spartan too?"

"Well, heh, actually, um, that a long story you see..."

Signing Off

10:41 pm | July 17, 2004
put me into the story!!!!!(i don't care if im a n00b)

words fail me in describing this awesome story
6:09 pm | July 17, 2004
Berconious is right about Rommel having less tanks. At the time the of the African campaign Tiger tanks were the best but the probably was that there was too few of them. The backbone of the german tank divisions was the panzer IV.
6:09 pm | July 17, 2004
Sorry for spelling your name wrong berconius.
5:58 pm | July 17, 2004
"Oh, you sou're his cousin?"

"Yep, the big MCC."

"I always thought you'd be taller..."
5:58 pm | July 17, 2004
I also see how you are saving High Lord Mainevent's Veterunner army for the end. SO we can swoop in and save everyone...


5:36 pm | July 17, 2004
Go Walker! I thought I was alone out here. Rommel wasn't actually in on the plot to kill Hitler, that was planted evidence by intelligence. But you are right in that he was no idiot Nazi. He opposed the Holocaust and was a supporter of his home country.

And in Africa, he had one division of tanks to hold a continent. He only lost in the end because he ran out of petrol and didn't have enough tanks. Our Shermans got busted up pretty bad thanks to him.

On the note of best General, I agree. I've seen people who think that Patton whomped him, and I'd like to point out that they A) Never met, and B)Rommel killed more with less. Not to lessen Patton's greatness, but he wasn't the best in the war.

Cheers to Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel!(here I go butchering German again...)
MC's Cousin
4:33 pm | July 17, 2004
Sorry for that spelling mistake, I never was good there...

Well Severian, that would be interesting...

And oh boy! I just got a history/useless information lessen. My day is complete.

Signing Off

3:57 pm | July 17, 2004
lol n00blings....
Gunnery Sergeant N. Kang--Drop and give me 50
3:52 pm | July 17, 2004
He may have been great, but he also lead the Afrika Corps. through a slaughter-infested armor campaign.

Woohoo! I'm gonna rescue OpeningAct! I rule! Now go kill the disbolical sausage machine.
2:20 pm | July 17, 2004
On the rare occasion I have heard of a "changed-ways defector Nazi", or a "I only signed up for the pretty uniform" Nazi, none of them can overshadow Erwin Rommel--the best general the Germans had--who was NOT a Nazi. He was NOT a member of the party. He chose NOT to head the Hitler Youth when the "honor" was given to him to brainwash the young German populace. And he was a leader in the attempt to assassinate Hitler. He was a courageous man with morals and integrity, and a fierce patriotism for his Fatherland that led him to fight for it, not only on the battlefield, but against a ruthless and murderous dictator.

Anyone know what happened to Rommel? He committed suicide rather than have his family sent into a death camp as a result of his treason. In Berlin they gave him a hero's funeral procession, and Hitler had a statue erected of Rommel's image. Even that scumbag knew talent when he saw it.

To Field Marshal Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel, oft-unsung hero of The Second World War.

11:36 am | July 17, 2004
Well, for the white folks, calling him Spanish Spartan would not be racist for the most part, seeing as the majority of the population of Spain is white. Seriously, just because someone speaks Spanish, does not make them Spanish, any more than us speaking English makes us English. Neither does the fact that the Spanish-speaking natives of many (not all) Spanish-conquered nations are not white mean that the country from which they derive their language is filled with a majority of non-whites.

Excuse my rant, being half Hispanic and white on both sides gives me the urge to point these things out. It's not the first time I've done this on HBO.


PS: Good to see so much n00b-attacking. We're in need of some offensive maneuvers.
6:11 am | July 17, 2004
i liked it, really kinda funny
What kind of a hat was it?
1:12 am | July 17, 2004
Private Severian O. Urth
1:06 am | July 17, 2004
You gotta remember, folks, that seeing things in only a black/white perspective is VERY bad. It's like thinking that all Allied soldiers in WWII were good, ethical people while the Nazis were all bloodthirsty, blooddrinking savages.

Of course, the n00blings aren't human, so... After all, they are a hive-entity, with only a single purpose etched into their genetic makeup; to conquer the HBO in the name of stupidity and ignorance.
Corporal C. BlooDed
12:39 am | July 17, 2004
Awesome, I love how this chapter is based on me and OpeningAct! :D

Great job, like I said back in the forums, I got scared that I was going to die. :| Anyways, it was really cool. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Yeah, I agree with you Walker, taking the offensive against n00bs is perfect. Maybe they'll learn...

P.S - I went into a juniors golfing tournament this afternoon and won a hat! :D
12:30 am | July 17, 2004
My gut still hurts.
12:29 am | July 17, 2004
Hey, I speak Chinese. Two dialects, actually. Badly. So it's more like Chinglish than Chinese. Sad that I learned them BEFORE learning English.

Just be careful with the whole S.S./Spanish/etc. thing. Typing out Spanish Spartan would be best sinceSS can also stand for Schutzstaffel. That would be the uber effective Nazi Troops in World War Two.

Before anyone says it's a good thing to relate them to Spanish Spartan, remember the fact that Hitler brainwashed his populace, and these guys were actually very ethical soldiers, often taking unnecesary risks to take prisoners rather than lives.

Spanish Spartan does not go there...

Anyway, nice piece. You got my attention.
Dave Luck
12:14 am | July 17, 2004
Excuse me!

Well, I say, let's go and accept cultures from all over!

I... am... CANADIAN!!! (That is, Canadian English Chinese... Yup. My family's lived here for a LOOOOONNGG time....) I only speak English, and some broken French, unfortunately.

Je parle Francais, mais je parle anglais maintenant. Ce-est-que parlez chinios? Je n'est pas.

(That's French for: I speak French, but I am speaking English now. Does anyone speak chinese? I don't.)

We'll celebrate our differences.

But for now, I'll say, about n00bs,

"....KILL 'EM ALL....."

- Dave.
Dave Luck
9:25 pm | July 16, 2004
Hey, I just need to say one thing. There's a liability issue.

By saying 'Spanish,' to someone who doesn't know S.S and his reign of terror here, youl'll be really, really, really rascist. Say, "Double S." That gives it a n00bish, tasteless name. And it'll look better too.

- Dave.

Oh, and whoever S.S was, if he comes back here, We'll flame him so hard, his brains will resemble hamburger after a nuclear meldown. Wait, they already do....
Gold Elite
9:07 pm | July 16, 2004
Not as a human shield,, I was just kidding about. But I'd like to be in the next one. Please?
Gold Elite
8:58 pm | July 16, 2004
And can I be in the next one as a human shield, or something?
Gold Elite
8:51 pm | July 16, 2004
Like Mr. Revenge's 'Attack of the n00bs,' except with talent. WEEEE! Good.
4:59 pm | July 16, 2004
In that case, could Cortana be working for the n00bs? I don't wanna believe it.

C.T. Clown
4:42 pm | July 16, 2004
Thanks, russ. That gives me a idea... And a way to get all the people that should be in the story to be in the story.

"So, um, I'm guessing that you are his cousin?"


"Well, you don't [i]look[/i] like Master Chief..."
4:28 pm | July 16, 2004
Yes! Very Good! Spanish Spartan is the head of the n00bs! I love that.

Although I must add, in order to stop the Flood...er, I mean n00bs, we must actiavte Halo...

Mwu-ha-ha (in a Guilty Spark 343 way)

...I am a genius...
4:12 pm | July 16, 2004
diabolical sausage machine

now thats funny

someone that you dont know
3:20 pm | July 16, 2004
2:56 pm | July 16, 2004
Yes, but please spell it SMITE, or we'll all think that you got infected by n00bs while making this :) But I gotta agree, only SMITE will do for SS.

C.T. Clown
MC's Cousin
2:45 pm | July 16, 2004
Ohhhh, I almost forgot. When spanish spartan get's destroyed, you must use the word SMIGHT!

Signing Off

MC's Cousin
2:42 pm | July 16, 2004
Hey?! Isn't this where I come in, only to fail by a handsbreath, only to apear later on?! Jeeze, where in the name of n00b pants am I?! But now worries, I'm sure Severian has some surprise role for me to play...
Phew, I gotta calm myself down before I go on a n00b killing spree. This story was quite good. One of the better n00b based stories I have read, but I won't ever forget CoLd's HBO rendition.
I agree with Sentinel, catching our attention is quite a feat.

Signing Off

2:04 pm | July 16, 2004
I hope someone saves me from that n00bish nightmare. Destroy spanish spartan!
1:44 pm | July 16, 2004
Yeah. It had a few more laughs than last part. This definetly caught my attention. That is actually quite a feat, as it's hard for me to pay attention to anything.

Now to wait till next part.
12:36 pm | July 16, 2004
Hehehehe...Very good as usual...quite funny too...GJ...^.^