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Comments for 'Jihad! (poem for suicide bombers against the Covenant)'

4:55 pm | June 25, 2004
Oh, sorry about that. And I turn in so many because I tend to spam, and I don't work hard on the fiction, mainly because I can't save anything to my computer. I write longhand for anything I need to keep- which aren't Halo fics.
white grunt
11:22 am | June 25, 2004
great poem keep it up
someone that you dont know
4:28 am | June 25, 2004
Naw, I would rather not insult. Im just saying you can write a lot of fan fiction in a short amount time.
1:19 am | June 25, 2004
Uh... Thanks, all, but SYDK, was that a slightly veiled insult? "And now, I have trouble finding anything not written by you."?
someone that you dont know
12:09 am | June 25, 2004
I remember when you would only get in like one fan-fiction per update, and now, I have trouble looking for fan-fiction not written by you.

Anyways, very nice. Didnt rhyme, but it doesnt really matter. You seem to write a lot of dark, strange, creepy, and/or slightly disturbing stuff. Finally, something different from the usual. 8.5/10
CoLd BlooDed
9:45 pm | June 24, 2004
Cool, keep 'em coming.
Solidus Snake
9:11 pm | June 24, 2004
Japs huh? Anyways, it was "ok".
5:38 pm | June 24, 2004
Ah, the joys of appreciation... [tears]
5:22 pm | June 24, 2004
343 Salty Beans
4:51 pm | June 24, 2004

4:19 pm | June 24, 2004
Hey you did a fanfic about bombers. Niceeeeeeeeeeee. Everyone should do it.
Nick Kang
2:33 pm | June 24, 2004
You know, as I was reading this, I suddenly noticed the bottle rocket sitting on my table...


1:57 pm | June 24, 2004
not too shabby.


Strangly fitting with the times..
Stop wasting your time.
1:33 pm | June 24, 2004
What I said.
12:36 pm | June 24, 2004
After reading that I'd have to say that I want to blow something up real bad... maybe not suicide though... thats a biggy... anyways very good, didnt rhyme but who cares poems dont have to rhyme.